Photo Credit: Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts

“Sana was able to impact many projects in a very positive way. All the projects that she worked on and the franchises that she interacted with all benefited from her expertise in design, as well as her personality and charm. Sana has an innate talent of being able to walk into a room or a situation that might be challenging and [turn] it into a positive experience. Her expertise would be highly beneficial in boutique hotels as well as luxury projects. Sana is also very aware of branding and storytelling, and she is a great resource for strategic thinking in design.”

Lionel Sussman - Vice President, Marriott International Inc.

“Sana is an absolutely amazing designer of spaces, programs, and even organizational structures. It was a joy to watch the way her mind worked. She asked deep questions, created processes, and engaged the design challenges in front of her, taking them deeper and into unexpected places that yielded results. She is not only a creative thinker who has the ability to hold diverse ideas with skill but also a keen program manager with the organizational know-how to make sure they are brought to reality. With Sana's technical background, lived experience, and knowledge of design, social impact systems, and organizational structures, you would be more than lucky to have her as a part of your team.”

Cole Hoover, Director, MovingWorlds Institute

"Businesses looking for inspiration and a proven design professional who can harness their experience to bring to their concept a strong voice [would benefit from Sana]. Like all professionals, Sana has a strong voice, but she is also a great listener and understands the importance of hearing a client. She is diplomatic and a team player and was a key ingredient in helping focus our minds on the task at hand."

David Peters - CEO, Terratron